The Dark Knight of Victoria
"Just another crazy Batman Cosplayer!"

Wild ride in a cowl

It's been over 5 years since I first put on the cowl and went on a crazy journey. It that time I have gotten a chance to meet many different people and experience a lot of different things!

The Suits

When I first got into Batman costuming I never realized how many variation of the suit their actually are. I've done what I could to collect some pieces over there years to represent what I can!


I have a lot of fun building my own odds and ends to add to my costumes. I try to document everything I do so others can see my mistakes and give it a shot themselves!

Co-Founder of Heroes Inc

I am a proud Co-founder of the local Costume Club Heroes inc. It is a Local Victoria British Columbia Costume club that uses their custom built costumes to give back to the community.